Mum's surprise :-)

This is where my mamma will sleep :-)
It's not her birthday but I like the card so much I had to buy it now, couldn't wait until December :-)
What could be hiding in the Marc Jacobs bag???
It's heart shaped mirror!! I think is going to love it!! and she will cry, that's my mum! The most sensitive person on earth! I come in second place ;-)
Also yesterday, when I was shopping for work clothes, I couldn't resist the other stuff and bought two pairs of shoes in New Look and a skirt in Zara and a bag in Marc Jacobs!!! I slipped and before I knew I was at the till paying for it all!!! I couldn't help it!! In my defence it is all really cheap :-D
Now I really have to be good until my birthday, it's not that long and I have been better so far, usually I would buy something new everyday!!
See you later :-)

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