Last time I wore the star dress

was in Aiden and Steve's bar in New York in April 2008. I know you think I talk about  Aiden and Steve from Sex and the City like they are my friends but sometime a girl has to have imaginary friends, like fictional characters. I sometime consider Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda my friends as they are the only "people" who would understand why I need to have the biggest bedroom in the house dedicated to my wardrobe :-) I need hundreds of shoes and dresses, handbags, jewellery, make-up, lip glosses and lip sticks (some I liked so much I bought two of the same shade at different occasions without knowing it) :-) I'm not crazy just a little bored and I have a very vivid imagination :-) Life is never boring in my house hold!
Have a fabulous Saturday night (Date night) I'm going to eat my pasta and have my wine and then get ready for tonight. Will show you the finished look later...

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