Tonight's look

I am feeling brave today and I have decided to wear the leather shorts :-) with studded heel and a blinging top :-)
Shorts: New Look, top: H&M, shoes: New Look (borrowed from Shirin), ring: Topshop and I am giving my Chanel a rest tonight and using my pink Prada instead it is small enough not to be annoying :-) also bringing the camera but need to be careful :-)
Wish me luck :-) We will have a lot of fun tonight I think, haven't been out since my step brothers birthday party in late January
See you all later


1 elisabeth dahl:


I hope you have a nice evening.

2 Ejvi:


Very nice shoes :)

3 christian louboutin:


oh cool, this information is really useful and definately is comment worthy! hehe. I’ll see if I can try to use some of this information for my own blog. Thanks!

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