Good afternoon,
I didn't just get up, got up at 11, had a little bit of a sleep in today. Dodger brought a pigeon in at 2 o'clock this morning, luckily it was dead!!!! Husband rescued us, such a man's man! :-)
I don't know if I want to go to the gym today. I am fully dress as you will see when I upload my look of today but it is cooler outside today and I'm not really feeling like going anywhere except to a cafe and read. I have downloaded 25 classic books to my Kindle for when I go to Stockholm but I want to start reading them now!! I might go to Starbucks in Wanstead or to the corner shop and buy some milk and make my own coffee... This is what I look like today
Top: Old Warehouse, shorts: Zara, shoes: New Look, Shades: Beyond Retro Vintage, ring: Mikey, nail varnish: Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Maybe I should go for a swim later? The gym and the pool are really busy now, so maybe for 3-4pm I should be fine to go for a swim, non? I'll keep you updated on my decision.
The plan for tonight is to go to dinner with The P's. A restaurant on Fulham road called Sophie's steakhouse, but plans always seems to change so I am not getting my hopes up. If I do then they fall apart and I have to cook!!! :-) If the plans stay as the are I will have another outfit to show you as I would have to change to dinner outfit. Will wear a new dress and my new, fabulous shoes I bought on Saturday!!!
Hope you all have a fabulous day and that it doesn't rain on you...

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