I have sinned in St Pauls!!

I am sitting in Starbucks eating my rise and shine muffin(which is making me feel a little sick) and drinking my soylatte(which is burning my tongue). The shopping centre isn't quiet finished yet, the restaurants hasn't opened yet and there a few empty stores. If you are on a budget, don't come here as H&M is the cheapset store here. It looks flash and when you come up the escalators the view of St Pauls is magnificent, but it looks a little empty... Maybe after the new year they will have filled the empty shops and it might become a shopping destination. Conclusion: don't write it off just yet, give it a chance :-) I bought a gorgeous dress in Topshop! I went looking for accessories and walked out with a black dress with diamonte trims, it's a little WAG, but if I style it, it won't look like it's out of The only way is Essex ;-) Going home soon to tidy the house a little and get ready for tonight. Am meeting Shirin at 7 and the boys at 8 for dinner in Soho... Xoxo

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