Here is the look of the evening
It's not the greatest picture as I look funny. I have never worn this dress, bought it in H&M in Stockholm for £5 this summer and I will definitely wear it again. Shoes are from New Loo and belt and necklace are both from Primark.
We had a celebratory dinner at Fredericks with Husband's flight instructor Simon and his girlfriend Belinda. We had a fabulous dinner and the company was great. It was the first time I met them and I have to say it was really nice meeting some new people. I really love our friends but sometimes you just need new "blood" :-) Fredericks is a posh but cosy restaurant on Islington high street absolutely worth a second visit.
It is now bedtime as I have to get up early to go to work for a loooong day tomorrow: 10-20! Luckily I am off on Friday when I will go to the gym but first have a sleep in and then catch up on my blogging...
Be patient, I'll make it exciting again I promise!! Did anyone watch Gossip Girl tonight? Was it any good?
Hope you all have a great night sleep...
Good night

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