The shoe galleries...

Whilst I was waiting for Keris I went to the Shoe galleries in Selfridge's, supposed to be the biggest shoe department in the world 35000 square feet, with 4000 shoes on display and another 100000 shoes in stock! I'm not sure if you are allowed to take picture, when I worked for Harrods you weren't allowed in my department, but I wasn't stopped when I took these with my BlackBerry
I hope it is a working photo booth :-)
That's taken on the escalator going down to the ground floor, Prada, Prada, Prada :-) I bought three nail varnishes today, two from O.P.I and one from Models own
You don't know Jacques
DS The Classic
Grey days
Keris gave me a belated birthday present today
and bought me a latte at Starbucks, such a sweetie :-)
Going to bed now, am taking Shirin to My Olde Dutch for lunch tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a few pictures taken and if so, I promise I will show them to you :-) Have a good night and see you in the morning


1 Caroline:


Amazing, I´ve never been to the shoe department at Selfridges, haven´t even been to Selfridges to be honest. I have a feeling I must go there soon.

2 kirsty:


love it great post x

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