Christmas 2011

We went to Kent and to my sister in law to celebrate Christmas like we do almost every year. I wore vintage and Miu Miu.
This is our tree :-)
Husband cooked the turkey before we left and we took it with us to have with the family :-)
The other Christmas tree in Kent
Before dinner and the opening of the presents, there was some hanging to do and
hair to make "pretty" ;-) Didn't hurt one bit :-p
Champagne to had
Posing for pictures :-)
The wine of the evening
Games to be played...
After dinner and before the opening of the presents, the tradition is to dance around the tree :-)
After the presents, which took around 2 hours to open, there was dessert, cheese tray and dessert wine to indulge in
On Christmas day we had left over brunch, more posing, coffee and drove mother in law home
The view from mother in laws flat ;-)
Finally came home at three pm on Christmas day. Happy but very tired
Yesterday was spent at home, except for an hour in the evening when we went to Westfields in Stratford to pick up cupcakes and have dinner at GBK
These cupcakes are good, but not fabulous. They are VERY sweet! Hummingbird Bakery's cupcakes are tonnes better...
Our Chrismas was good, but I think my expectations were a bit too high and got a little disappointed when we didn't do everything I was hoping we would do, so there has been some arguing as well. It is evry easy to run a blog and make ones life look perfect (just wanted to show that we have a perfectly normal life and argue just like everyone else) ;-)
How was your Christmas?


1 Claire:


Ååh.. jag vill gärna ha den om det inte är för mycket besvär att skicka den. =)

Gud vad snällt. Är det något du vill ha i return?

x x

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