Some of my Christmas presents

Here are some of the fabulous gift I got for Christmas
Husband gave a whole bunch of Fashions books :-) Very me and very thoughtful...
I got an antique bracelet from my sister in law
My stepbrother got me the following three gifts :-) He knows me so well ;-)
Got the gloves from my sister in law and family
The Lancome Beauty Christmas Crackers and the Coco Mademoiselle were from Cassa and Richard, who are relaxing in Trinidad&Tobago, Jealous? Me? Naaaah ;-)
A large box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate from the neighbours which we finished in no time!
Lantern also from sister in law
A picture frame with pictures of two of my godchildren in it from Karen
A Girls Aloud cd from my 6 year old niece hat she picked all by herslef, which I thought was very sweet :-)
Zumba dvd from Shirin :-)
A picture of my late grandfather from my dad, I love this picture as this is how I would like to remember my grandfather. He was a carpenter and a builder and that is exactly what he looks like here
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. This was Astrids first Christmas and I think it might have been a little too much for her, but she was very chilled and didn't complain once (just found it a little bit hard to fall asleep last night)


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Härliga klappar! :)

God Fortsättning.

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very nice photo of your grandfather.

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