Gaucho in Hampstead

The plan tonight was to go to Ping Pong restaurant in Hampstead, to enjoy some great food, drinks and company. We did arrive at Ping Pong, Husband and I first, was told there would be a wait for the table as we hadn't booked. We ordered our drinks and the I got mine but they had run out of Virgin Bloody Mary, Husband ordered orange juice. We waited some more, The P's arrived, sat down ordered their drinks, gin&tonic and prosecco, the orange juice arrived and the waitress said they had run out of gin, ordered another prosecco. The first prosecco arrived, we are still waiting for our table. A part of five (who arrive after Husband and me) got their table, we are shown to our table, second prosecco still hasn't arrived. When we sit at our table the waitress tells us that they were out of 13-14 dishes, Mr P asks for his prosecco, gets it and we decide to leave. Husband and I rarely complain, and we go out to dinner alot, but this time he just had to say something as the staff was rude and they had run out of almost everything we wanted to order!! Alma called Gaucho, just to make sure they had a table for us, and we left Ping Pong to have a much dearer but much more pleasant dinner at Gaucho. Don't ever go to Ping Pong in Hampstead as it was awful service!!
This is what I wore anyway ;-)
Dress: vintage from Beyond Retro in Stockholm, necklace: Disney Couture from Asos, shoes: Topshop
So much better than Ping Pong, excellent service and fabulous food and wine :-) It all worked out in the end...
Earlier today we had lunch at
in Canary Wharf
I wore an outfit from Topshop
Hungry Husband :-)
I love Jamie's Italian as it is so relaxed and comfortable and the food is amazing!
Last but not least, I finally got the three new Chanel colours!
Looking forward to trying them all out properly :-) I have had a fabulous and eventful weekend and I hope you have as well! Going to go to bed now and I hope you all sleep very well tonight


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Jag är i ett stort behov av hjälp! Jag och min syster driver en dansskola och terminens tema är "Musikvideos genom tiderna" så från 80-talet och fram till nu!

Vi är jätte intresserade om du har något förslag!

Du kan kommentera i inlägget där de handlar om just de här! :)

Vore super gulligt om du hade lust att hjälpa till! :) Tack på förhand!



Ååh, jag dör för dina nagellack!! :D

Superfina färger du valt!

Ha en trevlig måndag fina du<3

ps, supersöt klänning!

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