Good morning...

Yes that is what I look like first thing in the morning, what I like to call the ugly truth ;-) I have run out of my Elizabeth Arden face cream and it is £25 dearer here in Stockholm and I refuse to more than 50% more, so I might have to get a cheaper, Nivea or something, until I get back home. My skin is so dry though it is uncomfortable and I get little spots :-(
Today's plan is to brave the weather and go have lunch with my mum. I shall shower and get ready and then show you my outfit before I go. Last night was a little bit rough as Olivia was crying and then she woke up early and I couldn't sleep anymore, but that's what happens with babies ;-) Tomorrow I am having lunch with my summer family. I'm sure I have told you this before, but here we go again. When I was little my brother and I used to spend our summer with a family who lived on an island outside of Stockholm. It was paradise for us city kids as we got to run run around wild, with not a care in the world. This island was in fact a rehab home for alcoholics run by the Salvation army and my summer family lived and work on this island, so tomorrow I will have lunch with my summer mum and my two summer sisters and a friend of the younger sister. I think it is going to be lots of fun and I am very excited and after wards I will go shopping with my mamma as it is payday tomorrow ;-) I was going to go to Beyond Retro today and I might still after lunch. Tonight I am sleeping at my mums, so I have to pack a little and then spend a few hours with my brother and then go, busy, busy, busy!!
I ordered a few things on Asos yesterday, just a nail varnish and a Disney couture necklace and I thought I' show you what they look like
Mint candy apple by Essie
Tinkerbell necklace, cute huh? will look fabulous this spring ;-)
Shower time!!


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sv: tack :)





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you look great!

Det lâter som du har det riktigt bra i kalla Sverige!


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