Patara and The Edge, Soho

Good morning,
Last night we were out partying, celebrating my Stepbrother's birthday. Had dinner at Patara, a Thai fine dining on Greek Street, and then went on to The Edge on Soho street/Soho Square. Had far too much Prosecco but had a fabulous time, it was so much fun :-) Husband and I got home at a reasonable time, even managed to catch the tube home. My shoes looked amazing but killed my feet and I know it isn't very classy but outside the tube I had to take them off :-S Here are the pictures :-)
Lychee Martini tasted so good
The handsome birthday boy :-)
Laura, stepbrother's bestestest friend in the entire world :-)
My gorgeous Husband :-)
Tonight Husband and I are having dinner with the other P's in Hampstead :-) I get a chance to wear one of my 12 new dresses ;-)
Hope you have had a fantastic weekend, blog ya later


1 Johanna:


Honey, u look great!




Låter som en supermysig kväll! Fina bilder!

Sv: Dom är mina favoritmärken med:)

Vill gärna se när du har målat naglarna med det nya lacket!


3 Claire:


ÄLSKAR dina shorts. =)

Where did you get them?

x x

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