Stockholm updated part deux

Good evening people,
How are we today? I have spent my day with my mum and my evening with my girls :-) So I am feeling good. I do really miss my Husband though so it feels good to go home tomorrow... This is what I did today
Coffee and cake at Le Cafe in StureGallerian
Sightseeing and looking for shops like Swarovski and Marc by Marc Jacobs :-) found them both
I bought something but won't show you until I get back home to London!
Hanging with Margareta, she is usually really warm in the winter but no love for me today :-(
ACNE window
My favourite cafe in Stockholm
Dinner at Fashion Cafe in Sundbyberg, very nice food and wine, might be our hang out place from now on :-)
Going to bed now, will show you more pictures at some other time...
Good night


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Härliga bilder snygging! :)

Ha en trevlig helg!<3

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