8th wedding anniversary in Paris

We are back from Paris!
The hotel we stayed in was the same I stayed in a few years ago when I went to Paris with a girlfriend of mine. It is a small boutique hotel called Sublim Eiffel on Boulevard Garibaldi on the 15th arrondissement, 15 minutes walk to the Eiffel Tower
After a little nap we went outside in the sun to explore what Paris had to offer and to prove Husband wrong :-) For 11 years he has been saying that he doesn't want to go to Paris because people there are rude and it will only ruin our experience. So when I went with my friend I found out that people are just normal. Customer service is normal, no ass kissing that you get in England, just plain and simple normal behaviour and I had a fabulous time the first time I went there and we had an amazing time this time, so someone is going to have to eat his words :-D
We hopped on the tourist bus to save our poor legs and to catch the sights and some sun...
The Grand Palais and bits of the Alexander III bridge
Arc de Triomphe
Having a coffee in true Parisian style :-) we were too early for dinner, so had to drown the hunger in strong coffee
Dinner was definitely worth the wait. We went to a small family owned restaurant on Rue Desaix, close to the Eiffel Tower where the food and wine was amazing!
The street where our hotel is
Alexander III bridge from the boat we got on yesterday
Notre Dame
The boat ride takes about an hour and if the weather is nice it is definitely worth taking the trip.
After the boat ride and lunch we joined the small queue for the Notre Dame.
Where we paid €4 to light two candles for my grandfather and for Husbands dad, who both passed away in 2000, it is our little tradition. Whenever we are in a church, big or small, we light two candles.
A crazy taxi ride later and we had arrived in Montmarte and the gorgeous Sacre Coeur church
Where we found a square full of paintings and the artists that made them. Had two sips of a very bad and expensive coffee :-) and then it was time to find the Metro and go home to sleep a little before the big night's dinner at the Copenhague restaurant on Avenue de Champs Elysees.
The outfit for the evening: A vintage dress from Beyond Retro, shoes from New Look, bag by Chanel, earrings and ring by Topshop and brooch by Mikey. Dinner was good (very expensive) but Husband didn't like his steak as it was over cooked :-( After dinner we took a walk down Avenue George V to Crazy Horse and a cabaret show with lots of naked ladies :-)
Pictures from Craazy Horse are from their website http://www.lecrazyhorseparis.com

We got back to our hotel just before 1am and I was knackered! Had an amazing anniversary which was very busy :-)
This morning we had a sleep in, then breakfast and then back to the room to pack our bag. Still had 6 hours to kill so we decided to dump the bag in a locker at Gard du Nord station and then take the metro to Jardin de Luxembourg and have a little picnic on the grass, in the sun.
In a little corner shop we found exactly what we were looking for: Cherries, strawberries and Tropicanana orange juice
A little cosy-cosy in the sun for a few hours and then we took the train to Chatelet and a drink at Beirut Cafe and a stroll on Rue de Rivoli where we found Starbucks and I bought a mug, like I try to where ever I am and then it was time to head to Gard du Nord and catch our train back home to London.
Happy me! It really is the little things that make the world go round, at least mine :-)

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