We stayed in a fabulous hotel called Puerta America. Each floor is designed by a different designer, which means each floor looks completely different from the next. The Hotel pictures are from the hotel's website:
This is what our floor looked liked, very dark and sexy :-)
Our room and bed
the bath room was very cool, but the tub took ages to fill up so I guess it was just for show ;-) I am tall and I could easily drown in it!! Was still nice to have a bath for a change and not a shower
It was chucking it down with reain when we arrived so we decided to explore the hotel and ended up on the top floor, 13, which had a outside walk way covered in glass, which had a cool look to it so had to pose for pictures. Alma is scared of heights so she stayed away :-)
We were also very hungry so we then has lunch in the downstairs hotel bar, I had two pizzas, that's how hungry I was
In the evening we met up with Mico and Bojan, who both live in Madrid, and went to dinner and then drinks at a really nice, trendy bar, which I can't remember the name of, Museo something
we didn't stay very long. I didn't feel well and was very tired after the flight.
The following morning, Husband and I had a sleep in and then breakfast at 10.30. Dado and Alma, who both had a cold, had plans to meet up with some other friends. Husband and I decided to explore Madrid on our own and buy the obligatory Starbucks coffee cup :-)
Saw some funky street art which haad to be photographed
Took the sightseeing bus, but since the weather was amazing, there were no seats upstairs. We tried to sit downstairs but it was boiling hot so only rode the bus for two stops and then got off at the Royal Palace. Where after about an hour we met up with the rest of the gang for lunch at a cafe.
after a walk around town, Husband and I got on the bus again and this time got a seat upstairs.
The city hall
The Bernabeu stadium, which is so big it is impossible to photograph in one piece!!
In the evening we had dinner with Mico and then we all ent back to rooftop terrass bar at our hotel where we had one drink and then it was bedtime.
Madrid is very nice but I prefer Barcelona. I think Barcelona has more character and personality and there is more to see in Barcelona. The hotel we stayed in is definitely worth staying at again, so if you are going to Madrid check the hotel out, you won't be dissapointed...
Back to reality and laundry. We are staying at home for a few days before we go to Devon on Thursday night for a weekend full of wedding celebrations.

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