My perfect day

Would start with a sleep in until 10, then breakfast in a cafe with Husband and Astrid and a few fashion magazines and some major people-watching.
When we have had  enough, I'd go to the park or the forrest for a long walk in the sun (it's my perfect day and a perfect day always has sunshine) which would make us hungry again, we would find a pub, have a roast and some wine, go home to have a nap and then amke a fabulous dinner at home.
My perfect day before baby: Still a sleep in until 10 and still breakfast in a cafe and the people-watching.
I would swap the forrest walk for shopping and the home made dinner for cocktails in a bar somewhere in the west end.
Both days would only be perfect, and equally perfect, as long as I spend it with my Husband and my baby girl and in a pair of gorgeous heels (would have walking shoes in my car/bag) ;-)
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