My mum, brother and niece has now all arrived from Sweden. I've been driving back and forth to Stanstead two days in a row now, but they are here :-)
My brother is feeling a bit iffy and is napping whilst the girls, my mum, Astrid and Olivia are all in the playroom having tons of fun and I'm in front of the tv watching vintage Kardashians on E!
We are all looking forward to Astrids birthday party on Sunday. If all goes to plan there will be lots of our favourite people here in our house celebrating our little girl turning 2.
We have ordered a cake, my mum will make a smorgastarta (a Swedish dish which is basically a sandwichcake, if you translate it word for word). There are tons of different variations of the smorgastarta but I found this when I did a Bing search
We will make it with meatballs and pates and beetroot salad :-) I will take lots of pictures as usual...

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