We drove to Devon last Thursday evening and stayed with our friends fro two nights. It's a long drive, around 4 hours, but it is soooo nice to be there once we arrive. Astrid was supereasy, she was entertained by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Ipad and fell asleep 30 minutes before we arrived.
When we all woke up on the Friday, we drove to Bicton Park Botanical Gardens where we walked around, took lots of pictures, had lunch, played with Astrid at the playground an went to the motor museum. It was such a lovely day out with great friends and lots of family time.
The first picture is of the view from the house we stayed at
This greenhouse was built in 1820
Read the rules, they are very funny
When I saw the inside of this church, I told Husband I want to get married again! :-)
I actually said: If I had a bottomless pit filled with money I would get married every year and fly all of our loved ones out the the wedding each year :-)
At lunch time I had creamtea and stole Husbands rose lemonade
On the Saturday, before we drove back home, we went to the beach, but thats a post for another time...

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