Here are a few of the pictures I've added to Instagram (Username: Anneliepopphotography) in the last few days...
Homemade Ice latte and HArpers Bazaar equals perfect alone time.
On Thursday we went to mother in law for dinner and sunset watching
On Saturday Astrid got a fabulous present: Her very own Princess Sofia castle for being so good with stopping the dummy, the nappies and the last bottle before bedtime. Big changes deserves big presents, in my book at least :-) 
Giving out fabulous gifts always makes me hungry so we drove to the Cuckfield pub for brunch where I had
Egg Florentine and a orange/lemonade drink
finished off with a visit to Costa
then icecream on the grass in the park
Saturday evening was dress up time and this was the clutchbag I took with me
to see stepbrother and to celebrate his mans birthday
And Sunday mainly looked liked this hahahahahahaha!!! 
I did manage to find some energy to play with my babygirl and to entertain our friends that came over for a barbeque in the garden

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