Dior, Chanel and Prada

I stared my day of fashion last Thursday, after I dropped off Astrid at nursery, with going to & Other Stories on Regent Street in search of THE red dress. So was everyone else, I missed out on the red dress but got a different dress instead.
After shopping, I had a date at the Victoria and Albert museum to see the Wedding dresses exhibition. No photos were allowed, but it is a must see exhibition, the dresses are so beautiful and different. Most of them are white, but then you have Gwen Stefanis pink Galliano dress and Dita von Teeses purple dress and purple Christian Louboutin shoes as well as a gorgeous dress by Chrstian Lacroix, well worth the £13-ish...
The Victoria and Ablbert museum also has a permanent fashion exhibition, which I go to almost every time I'm there for inspiration and to see my favourite window...
The Christian Dior display
I also LOVE these two dresses by Lanvin and Balenciaga
Jumpsuit by Coco Chanel
Coat by Elsa Schiaparelli
A quick visit to the ladies and then I walked in the sun towards Harrods, but first a coffee break at Costa as I was early for my girldate with Shirin and I was hungry
We had plans to mingle with the beautiful people at Harrods and their Prada display up on the fourth floor.
I'm always impressed by Harrods window display, it is always so pretty!
The Prada exhibition was great, if a little small. I was expecting it to be like when Dior took over Harrods. Definitely worth seeing all the vintage Prada from the start at 1913. I loved it and drooled over all the shoes, even the ones I didn't like!
After Prada and Harrods, Shirin and I had a quick coffee/hot chocolate and then we tookthe tube to Covent Garden and the sweet store Sugarsin. Astrid get sweets every Saturday and I wanted to spoil her a bit extra by buying Swedish sweets as they are the best!
When the sugarrush had subsided Shirin and I went our seperate ways. I went home for some relaxing time in the garden with Dodger and yet another coffee. When I opened the post, I received some great news from a friend which was the icing on top a very beautiful day :-)
At 5.15pm I walked back to nursery to pick A up again and we spent the evening inside watching tv before A's bedtime at 8pm...

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