Last year, Husband and I decided it was time for us to go on a mini break, just the two of us. I agreed to a two night stay away from our Diva as that is all I can manage before I start to miss her like a crazy woman. Last year we went to Montpellier and this year we went to Berlin. I have been to Berlin before, in 1999, but I was a complete accident as I was training it to Poland with a friend of mine to a penpal (remember those!) of mine who lived in Lublin, Our train was delayed by 29 hours in total and we were stuck in Berlin for 13 hours so thought we could explore it a bit :-P
Totally different holiday and a totally differnt story hahahah! Anyway, here are a few photos from this holiday in 2016 with Husband.
We stayed in a lovely hotel in the centre of town on Potzdamer Strasse and the last two photos are from the balcony of that hotel.

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