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one errand down, p...

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How are we today? I've got cramps so not feeling too hot, but I have a busy day ahead of me and I am in a good mood. The cramps are being pushed away by Ibuprofen ;-)
Going to the dry cleaners for Husband, to Selfridge's and Waitrose for Olivia, Laduree for tonight, to Marc Jacobs for me and to Marks & Spencer for my mum and then off to Liverpool Street to pick up the kids and then wait for my brother & family to arrive so we can all go home together. Might have to sneak into work to request the 5th off as well...
This is what I look like today though
I think this is one of the cheapest outfits I own :-) Cardigan: H&M, top and trousers: Primark, ankle boots: New Look
Nellie necklace: www.imageinjewels.com, butterfly charm: Swarovski
watch, bracelets and charms: Links of London
Sweetie bracelet: Links of London, silver pearl bracelet: Tiffany&co, evil eye bracelet: bought in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar, skull friendship bracelet: Links of London
espresso cup from Dwell :-)
Hope you all have a fabulous day

Hello Lovers :-)

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I booked a table at the Wolseley for afternoon tea a few weeks ago. Having been to afternoon tea at the Ritz and the Haymarket I looked forward to the Wolseley. But I have to say that the other place were better. Better sandwiches and better cakes. Still liked the place but probably wouldn't go again...

Afternoon tea at T...

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This mornings outfit:
Earrings: Swarovski, blouse: New Look, vest: Primark, leggings: Uniqlo, Ankle boots: New Look
Afternoon tea outfit:
Dress: Zara
Coat: H&M, scarf: Hermes
Brooch: Dior
Skull bracelet: Links of London, silver beads: Tiffany&co, evil eye bracelet: Bought in Istanbul
watch: Links of London
Ankle boots: D&G
Am at home now, doing laundry and watching Sex and the City 2 :-) Going to tidy later as well

Recent looks

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thanks to Ricki-lee for telling me about her latest shoe purchase I remembered my own blue suede D&G ankle boots :-) Xoxo


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just had a lovely Starbucks chat with Ricki-lee. Went home to change and am now on my way into town (Green Park) to meet Husband and to afternoon tea at The Wolseley ;-) I have two outfits from today to upload and tonight I promise I will do a proper post, inbetween tidying the house and doing the laundry... Xoxo

The Wolseley

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I am running late so am only uploading this mobile post on my way to the tube :-) Having Starbucks with Ricki-lee. See you later ;-) xoxo


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Hello you :-) We woke up at around 10 and got out of bed at 11 and went to Canary Wharf and Carluccio's for a lovely brunch. As you can see we are now in Starbucks enjoying a coffee and each others company before I have to go to work for 4pm until 9. Am off tomorrow and the Thursday and Friday... Ill show you today's outfit later tonight as I didn't have time this morning..

Brunch at the Wharf

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Shirin went to Primark today, a very brave move, and bought a few things for herself and then got these two dresses for me as well ;-)
Ring and earrings are from Topshop...
My brother, his girlfriend and their baby girl Olivia are coming to stay with us on Thursday for a whole week!!!!! I'll try to keep you updated but you know how well that went last week. It is bed time for me know. I am exhausted after last night when we came home at 2.30am. We went to Lana and Pedja for dinner and Articulate and then we chatted away and then I had to get up for work at 7-ish....
Have a good nights sleep

Recent purchases

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On Christmas day we took a taxi a cross London, from north east to south to spend the day with Husband's sister, husband, kids and parents in law as we do every year. The tradition is to play games (Wii and charades) dance around the tree, eat duck and open presents :-)
Bowling on the Wii
Hoola on the Wii :-)
Charades :-)
The ass is alive!!!
Dinner time
Dancing around the tree :-)
All in all we had a fabulous Christmas with fantastic food, lots of family and friends and lovely and thoughtful presents :-) I think I will always love Christmas!!

Christmas day

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I'm alive!!!! :-) I think this is the first proper post in well over a week. Work is the busiest it has ever been (we have only open for three months) I'll upload some pictures of my Christmas eve. Husband and I usually celebrate our own Christmas on Christmas eve and then we go to sister in law and her family on Christmas day. I was spoilt rotten on Christmas eve by Husband and Shirin :-)
Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Before dinner we watched Kalle Anka och vanner also known as Donald Duck and friends which is a very important tradition in Sweden and my dad recorded this fro me last year :-)
We had turkey for dinner with a Swedish dish called Jansson's frestelse
After dinner we had Glogg or mulled wine
Then it was time to open the presents :-)
How was your Christmas? My next post will be about Christmas day with Husband's sister and the family :-) Hope you'll have a fabulous evening

Christmas eve

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after a crazy shift at work, I am now inEaling enjoying a fabulous dinner with cake and presents and everything! ;-) xoxo

Christmas at Lana ...