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we are fling home today, well the flight is in the evening at 8pm. Still have to pack and get to the airport. I'm feeling a bit home sick as usual, so it will be nice to get back to routine. Wanna go to the gym :-) I'm not looking forward to the flight though, 4-ish hours is a long time!!
Husband is still sleeping next to me, oops he just woke up :-)

home time

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Folio wasn't open today and the Rickie's weren't up for going to dinner so me and husband went to Senso in Paralimni and has a few snacks for dinner and lots of coffees. I have the cool coffee pictures on my Blackberry so will upload them when I'm back in the UK tomorrow evening. This evening's look looks like this :-)
never mind the silly looking face and the huge mosquito bite on my leg!! am wearing dress from DvF, jacket Warehouse, necklace Dorothy Perkins, black top under dress New Look, shoes New Look, bracelet Links of London.
just me and Husband being bored, comparing finger sizes  :-)
More pictures tomorrow


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Chic and very comfortable, here is a collection of maxi dresses from the high street, wear with embellished flip flops or wedges
ASOS £26
Coast £175
Dorothy Perkins £20
Dorothy Perkins £35
Oasis £70
Topshop £150
Warehouse £40
there are plenty more dresses out there, these are just a few that I could see myself wearing :-) if you think you are too short for these maxi dresses just wear them with wedges or have them made shorter at your local dry cleaners :-)

Maxi dresses

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Just wanted to upload a few pictures from the second time we were in New York
I really want to go back, but in the summer time this time. Have only ever been when it's been cold. Next big holiday on the list is Turkey and Argentina, we want to go there before we start thinking of having kids so hopefully we can go to Turkey later this year.

New York 2008

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at the car park in Nicosia wearing dress from H&M, shoes from Topshop, necklace Dorothy Perkins, bracelet Links of London shades Dior and handbag Louis Vuitton.
It takes about an hour to get to Lefkosia/Nicosia from where we are staying in Paralimni. Today we were lucky with the weather it was 27 degrees in town and we had lunch adn then looked for Starbucks which of course we found after a little bit of walking :-)
Husband taking a work call in Starbucks
Went to the chemist today to find something for my sinus problems, gave me some nose spray to take three times a day and a syrup to take also three times a day, don't like any of them but if it helps I'll take them.
When in the capital of Cyprus we went for a walk after coffee and found some orange trees in the middle of the shopping street
look closely and you can the fruit. This tree also has this sprayed on it
THIS IS A TREE... no shit Sherlock, I think we can see that it is a tree :-)
also saw some chicken being sold at a stand on the street, don't know what to think about that...
the little we saw of Nicosia, I wouldn't say it is pretty, but it is interesting. We didn't stay long enough to see the whole town and we didn't go to the Turkish side either so I can't really judge it but I think Paralimni is my favourite town in Cyprus followed by Protaras and Agia Napa
Last night we went to dinner in a place the locals call the Shack, don't know if that is it's real name but it sure does look like one :-) very nice food though. Only have one picture from it as I can't show a certain girl who has done something she doesn't want some people to know so my husband enjoying his chicken wings will have to do :-D
and my look of the evening of course :-)
dress H&M, cardigan Warehouse, shoes Topshop and belt and necklace Primark, charm bracelet Juicy couture
Tonight we are all going back to Folio's for dinner, our treat, really looking forward to that. Will wear my DvF dress with some New Look shoes. I'll show you later.


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After breakfast, we went to Agia Napa for lunch, had a lovely meze lunch at one of the fish restaurants in the marina and then we went for a walk on the beach and a little lay down as well. Husband is the happiest on the beach in the sun :-) still very windy but I managed to be there for a about 20 minutes before getting really cold :-s
dress, belt and necklace: Primark, shoes : Topshop, shades: Dior, bag: Louis Vuitton
lunch started with some oysters, lets see if it's true what they say about the effect oysters have :-)
happy Husband on the beach :-D
then coffee and ice cream at Jello
we then decided to drive to Nicosia, which is about an hours drive away, got very close but then the motorway was closed so we had to turn around again and go back home. Just had a shower and has realised I have a sinus problem. There is a orangey fluid coming out of my nose when I bend down, Husband googled it and it says sinus stuff. Need to go to the doctors when I get back and the dentist as I have rubbish teeth as well. Might as well fix it all in one go eh?
Tonight we are going to a place called the Shack or looks like it, they say they have amazing authentic food there, so am looking forward to it.
I booked my ticket to Stockholm last night as well. £140 return with SAS to Arlanda from Heathrow, much better than flying with Ryanair, even though it is slightly more expensive. Summer in Stockholm can be amazing and I hope Marie has had the baby by then as well so there will be even more to look forward to. I'll stay a few nights with my dad and his wife and the rest of the time I can be found at my mum's. Hopefully Husband will be able to come for a visit and then we will stay in a hotel.
In June we are taking the motorcycle to Stockholm together with Mark and Terry, also looking ofrward to that. Will take the ferry to Esbjerg, Denmark and then ride through Copenhagen take the bridge to Malmo and then stay two nights in Gothenburg, meet up with Karin and her new little family and the ride off to Stockholm for 4 days and then back to Denmark, via Halmstad and home. Looks like a good summer with lots of holidays and mini breaks. Am also planning trips to Brighton with Tammy, Berlin with Maja and Madrid with Shirin, none of those are booked yet...

Agia Napa

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these silk scarves can all be found on Liberty's website
a scarf is a great way to update your look if you are on a budget. Happy shopping


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I've been browsing some websites and thought I'd share with you what I have found :-)
lots of stores on the high street are having their mid-season sales on now, you can find some really good bargains out there!! The ones I'm showing you are full prices, just in items...
Don't know why the necklace picture decided to be this big, maybe to show how beautiful it is ;-)
I saw this dress "live" last week and it is amazing!!!! shoes look gorgeous as well. All these beautiful, fabulous things are under £100 each, they look far more right? When I get back on Wednesday I will show you what I found in this week s Grazia, but it will be a delayed version as I come back late on Wednesday and Grazia comes out on Tuesday...

high street fashion

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unfortunately I had to skip the bbq as I started feeling sick and went to bed for a few hours. Felt really funny, think the little alcohol I had yesterday didn't agree with me at all. So sorry no pictures :-(


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today we have been to the beach a quickie, it's sunny and really nice but very very windy and the winds are cold.
but first today's outfit:
shorts: Zara, top: Topshop, shoes and shades: Dior necklace: bought in Croatia
just an up-close photo of my fabulous wedges I bought in Bicester village for £88 :-)
Husband jumped in the water at the beach even though it was not very warm!!!
And now it is bbq time!!! but first the men folk need to build the barbeque
we shall see how they go about building this Ikea looking bbq, with not so many tools to help them :-) apparently they have lots of "spare parts" to be continued I say

today's outfit

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dress Matthew Williamson for H&M, shoes Faith also had a bag by Primark, which I bought for £1
we had dinner at Folio, a posh restaurant not far from where we are staying, Amazing food :-) husband loved his steak
lovely blueberry and pineapple panna cotta
Husband had tiramisu, gorgeous!!
after this amazing meal we went for a little drive and ended up in Paralimni and a cafe/bar which I now can't remember the name of. Anyway we had a nice cappuccino and a good time people watching
it's called Senso :-)
then we met up with Ricki-lee, Ricky and his parents in a bar called Mello and stayed there for a few hours. Now it is sleeping time...

outfit of the night

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after we woke up, we went to a place called Cape Gkreko
a bit difficult to hike up there with my clogs but I managed and look at that view, gorgeous!! Can see all the way to Larnaca :-)
inside one of the caves  :-) little bit scary as it was dark and slipppery
We then went to Protaras to have lunch. The restaurant is called Molti and is very trendy looking and the food was very good. We both had Crepes that we couldn't finish, too big portion.
Loopy Loo non-alcoholic cocktail :-)
lovely latte macchiato
the it was off for a walk to the beach, not particularly warm, but it was sunny so the bikini came out for a while (after all it was very expensive so I had to put it on)
Agent Provocateur bikini and Dior sunglasses, not too bad eh? ;-) Husband was happy... It's been a fabulous day, now I feel like I'm on holiday!!
Going out to dinner later tonight and maybe drinks with the Rickie's after dinner, will show you my outfit either later tonight or tomorrow.