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I have been a rubbish blogger but will be better tomorrow :-) Good night Xoxo

Marie Claire and G...

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Just before my eyes shut for the night I wanted to let you know that you can now follow me on www.lookbook.nu where you can see my looks and looks and outfits of many other fashion fabulous people :-)


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Here is the look of the evening
It's not the greatest picture as I look funny. I have never worn this dress, bought it in H&M in Stockholm for £5 this summer and I will definitely wear it again. Shoes are from New Loo and belt and necklace are both from Primark.
We had a celebratory dinner at Fredericks with Husband's flight instructor Simon and his girlfriend Belinda. We had a fabulous dinner and the company was great. It was the first time I met them and I have to say it was really nice meeting some new people. I really love our friends but sometimes you just need new "blood" :-) Fredericks is a posh but cosy restaurant on Islington high street absolutely worth a second visit.
It is now bedtime as I have to get up early to go to work for a loooong day tomorrow: 10-20! Luckily I am off on Friday when I will go to the gym but first have a sleep in and then catch up on my blogging...
Be patient, I'll make it exciting again I promise!! Did anyone watch Gossip Girl tonight? Was it any good?
Hope you all have a great night sleep...
Good night


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Am finally back from work and I am exhausted. We are going out to dinner with Husband's flying instructor and his wife tonight, if Husband's foot is better so he can drive. I'll show you what I'll be wearing later when I have had a shower!! My feet are killing me today and tomorrow they will kill even more as I am working 10-20 with one hours lunch. Thankfully I am off Friday but then I work 9.30-19 on Saturday, after Saturday I don't know when I work again. I went to the store that is supposed to be my home store to speak to the manager but she was off today... See you in a few minutes :-)


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Good morning,
Am getting ready to go to work so I will show you the window shopping we did yesterday :-)
All Selfridge's windows
Gina, it is a little too WAG for me but I love the colour
Last picture for this post comes from Miu Miu...
Have to go to work now or I'll be late

Window shopping

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Had lunch with Tjingtjingpolska today at My old Dutch on King's road
Then we walked around King's road and Chelsea, Starbucks-ing and Window shopping...
After the walk down King's road we took number 137 bus from Sloane street to Oxford street and River Island and then Selfridge's and the shoe galleries. In River Island I was looking for a gold watch, I found one in the men's department but it was too cheap looking. At Selfridge's we explored the photo booth which you probably saw in the previous post but here it is again :-)
Also went to Bond street, New and Old for some properly expensive window shopping which I will show in my next post :-)
We were supposed to go out tonight but Husband isn't feeling well so we stayed home and had take away dinner instead as I have been a bad wife and done no food shopping in a while. This is what I would have worn had we gone to the gig
Jacket and shoes: New Look, skirt: H&M, tights: Boots, vest: Primark
We are now both, Husband and I, on the internet on separate laptops and separate sofas :-) me with Dodger in my lap ;-) It is soon bedtime and work for both of us tomorrow...
Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin...

My old Dutch...

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Shirin and I went to Selfridge's to explore the photo booth and as you can see, it works and a very charming man is very willing to assist you in taking the pictures and it is free :-) Xoxo

Selfridge's photob...

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How are you all today? I slept in properly this morning :-) Am going to My old Dutch for lunch with Shirin, just waiting for her to come down the stairs... I'll show you today's look in the mean time
Ooooh, that is a little to close for my liking!!!
That's better ;-)
trying to show you the texture and colour of the jumper
Don't know if you can see that it is very light pink and very soft?
Jacket: H&M bought seven years ago, jumper and shoes: Primark current stock, shorts: Dorothy Perkins, pearl necklace: Topshop, jewellery: Links of London, nails: O.P.I You don't know Jacques!
What are your plans for today? Working? I start work again tomorrow, by again I mean I start in a different store so it will feel like starting all over again and I think I am working the weekend, maybe not the entire weekend... Also tonight is the Central London gig of Polaris Condition, they are playing at The Comedy, Oxenden street, Soho and are on stage at 9pm. We are going, maybe I'll see you there?
Hope you have a fun day no matter what you are doing...

Good afternoon...

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Whilst I was waiting for Keris I went to the Shoe galleries in Selfridge's, supposed to be the biggest shoe department in the world 35000 square feet, with 4000 shoes on display and another 100000 shoes in stock! I'm not sure if you are allowed to take picture, when I worked for Harrods you weren't allowed in my department, but I wasn't stopped when I took these with my BlackBerry
I hope it is a working photo booth :-)
That's taken on the escalator going down to the ground floor, Prada, Prada, Prada :-) I bought three nail varnishes today, two from O.P.I and one from Models own
You don't know Jacques
DS The Classic
Grey days
Keris gave me a belated birthday present today
and bought me a latte at Starbucks, such a sweetie :-)
Going to bed now, am taking Shirin to My Olde Dutch for lunch tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a few pictures taken and if so, I promise I will show them to you :-) Have a good night and see you in the morning

The shoe galleries...

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dinner is ready!!!

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I am now sitting in Canary Wharf with my soylatte ans waiting for the time to strike 2-ish :-) going to Bond Street to see Keris at three. Also going to Selfridges and Waitrose. Selfridges for. O.P.I and Waitrose for cod loins for tonights healthy dinner of pesto cod in the oven served with cous cous and spinach. Will blog more later tonight, Britains next top model is on tv tonight, I think it might be the final, anyway that is my entertainment for tonight unless I can find a magazine in Selfridges... See yoy later!! Xoxo

gym has been gymme...

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Photographed this picture from Metro... Xoxo

Kylie, Dolce&Gabba...