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All the baby mama's to be are coming over for coffee and pastries and a chat this morning. Hoping it will be a success :-)

Lady date

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Also known as my walk-in wardrobe :-) The first two pictures are the "before" pictures. I have a really ugly wardrobe inside the room which you can see below
I have removed some of the doors from the wardrobe (one is still stuck, I need Husbands strong arms) but in my opinion it looks better already. All my clothes used to hang on hangers on two 180 cm long clothes rails and that wasn't enough. I have now folded all the trousers, t-shirts and jumpers and hung all the vintage dresses in the wardrobe and put all the boxed shoes inside the same wardrobe, which gives me more space on both rails and more space on the floor for the shoes without boxes.
My three Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch bags.
High street clutch bags, some are really old
Most of my costume jewellery rings. The more expensive and precious are in the boxes they come in when bought.
Costume jewellery brooches and necklaces
More necklaces and belts
Nailvarnishes and make up
Still abit chaotic, but I know where things are which is the most important thing. Husband is afraid to look for things in there, thinking he will never find his way out :-D All I need now is a dressing table, a cute ceiling lamp and some chic curtains and it will be the boudoir I want it to be :-)
What do you think? How would you decorate the room?

Organised Chaos

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I couldn't decide which colour to paint my nails so I sort of did both. Would have painted my toes as well but I can't reach them at the moment :-D
Just don't look at my cuticles, I haven't put any handcream on yet as I am doing laundry at the same time. It's a stay at home day today. Gojng to finish sorting my wardrobe out as well.


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I love these items, in no particular order, they would all look fabulous with the pleated skirts I already have and the Warehose coat I bought in Exeter at the weekend :-) They are all a mix from the high street, from Topshop, New Look and Warehouse....

My A/W wish list

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This bank holiday weekend we drove to Devon to our friends Mark and Terry. As they live in the countryside, they have lots of animals, it was a perfect occassion to bring out the camera and take lots of pictures. So if you are not into animals this post won't be that interesting to you, I'm afraid.
Odo the kitten
Georgie and Odo
Being licked on my ear by Teddy wasn't my idea of a good cuddle,
but he quickly figured that out and stopped the kinky stuff :-)
Tiggs, the Garfield look-a-like long hair cat
On Sunday we went to Dartmouth on a day trip. Took a boat trip around the harbour, then went for cream tea and then back to the house for a comfy tv evening on the sofa
Today, it was of to Exmouth before we headed back home to London. Husband and Spike the Belgian Shepherd
I haven't slept well at all this weekend but we have had a wonderful one, so can't really complain. But I am too tired to elaborate on the pictures, I think they speak for themselves. Going to have an early night tonight.

Devon 2011

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No, no, no!! Is the answer :-) I got two out of three Chanel colours today at John Lewis. They and everyone else has sold out of the Peridot one. Might see if they have it in Devon, though I doubt it very much :-s
I once got this eye make up remover as a sample and as it is getting more and more difficult to bend down to wash my make up off. I thought why don't I get a fullsize version of it. I have tried cheaper brands, like L'Oreal and Nivea, but  they irritate my eyes.
I went on Models own website last night, windowshopping, and saw these fabulous autumn colours and as they are only £5 each (from Boots, need to collect my loyalty points) I bought three today when I was on Oxford Street.
When I am back from Devon I will try them all and upload the pictures. Right now, I am going to rest on the sofa. I have baked for Wednesday next week when the girls are coming over to our house, my turn to play hostess. Had to alter the recepies a bit and replace anything cow with goat-or soy as Nicky is very badly allergic to cow-dairy. But it looks and smells the same, Husband will decide if it tastes the same :-)

Will we ever get bore...

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Feeling a bit rebellious and autumn-y in this grey and cloudy weather. I have accepted that autumn is here and it makes me happy :-) Don't like the heat in the summer, prefer the cosyness of September and October.
I am wearing a new top by Warehouse from their current season, collar necklace by ASOS, skull scarf: Alexander McQueen andskirt by Primark.
Skull ring by Topshop
and Earrings: Links of London
That's what the top looks like front and back without my styling. I love the zip in the back. I have a few tops like that, some are too small at the moment, but whenever I see a top with a exposed zip I immediately want to buy it!
Going to John Lewis today to exchange some shirts I bought for Husband a while ago, for store credit and then see if they have anything else I want/need. After my little trip to Oxford Street, I'll be heading home for a nap/rest as we are going to Devon tonight and I am driving :-) Bound to get supertired, even with the nap. Also need to pack...
Am leaving laptop at home but as usual, I'll take lots of pictures. Husband came home with a new tripod for my camera which I have yet to use, ha has also ordered me a remote control for the camera :-)


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Smashed up pink

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In a powdered pink and jet black kind of way :-) The dress is new and was purchased yesterday in H&M on Oxford Street. Blazer and Mary-Jane's are Primark
xoxo ring: Tiffany&Co
Onyx ring: Links of London
Fresh water pearled earring: Links of London
The most imprtant accessory of the day: Umbrella by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Took the tube to Loughton and Cafe Rouge where I had a coffee date with Nicky. Stayed there for a feew hours begfore she had to run so she wouldn't get clamped (parking is a pain in the backside sometimes)
Am now back at home, about to have lunch and doing laundry before we drive down to Devon tomorrow evening.


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Here is a little treat for you all, some might like, some might not :-)

The bump is moving

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Last night we had a fabulous dinner with the P's at Asia de Cuba on St Martin's Lane. I felt like it was dress up time so I pulled out the  Louboutins and the smokey eye make up and everything inbetween :-)
Dress and blazer: H&M, lace slip: Marks&Spencers
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Necklace: New Look Limited Edition (bought ages ago)
Ring: Accessorize
Earrings: Links of London
MAke up: Eye shadow: Bourjois, eye pencil and mascara: Lancome, eye liner and foundation: Chanel
Nails: Fire no 159 by Chanel
Today's look is a little bit more casual. I am to see Shirin new place, exciting stuff!!
Necklace: Accessorize, belt and brouges: Primark, jumper and lace slip: Marks&Spencers (the jumper is my Husband's)
Ring: Links of London
Today's fragrance is the very spicey and autumn apropriate perfume by Gucci, Gucci by Gucci is the name and if you like heavy fragrances, like I do, you will love this :-)

Pleats, Lace&Wool

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We have been out to dinner with the P's. Had a table booked at Asia de Cuba. Will update properly tomorrow as Husband is borrowing my laptop tonight. Hope you all have a good night.

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