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First day back to work in 10 days and it went better than expected. It wasn't as quiet as I thought as the sale has finally finished, we can now concentrate on real sales and the new collections that are out. There are a few things I like, but I'll have to wait for my discount card to come through first. Spent enough money in Stockholm...
I managed to paint my nails in the new Chanel Black pearl colour, it is more grey than black but it looks very cool :-)
How was your weekend, did you do anything fun? Ours was filled with stuff to do and people to see and we had so much fun :-) I am exhausted now though, hoping for an early night tonight.
I might blog more later :-*

Today's outfit

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The plan tonight was to go to Ping Pong restaurant in Hampstead, to enjoy some great food, drinks and company. We did arrive at Ping Pong, Husband and I first, was told there would be a wait for the table as we hadn't booked. We ordered our drinks and the I got mine but they had run out of Virgin Bloody Mary, Husband ordered orange juice. We waited some more, The P's arrived, sat down ordered their drinks, gin&tonic and prosecco, the orange juice arrived and the waitress said they had run out of gin, ordered another prosecco. The first prosecco arrived, we are still waiting for our table. A part of five (who arrive after Husband and me) got their table, we are shown to our table, second prosecco still hasn't arrived. When we sit at our table the waitress tells us that they were out of 13-14 dishes, Mr P asks for his prosecco, gets it and we decide to leave. Husband and I rarely complain, and we go out to dinner alot, but this time he just had to say something as the staff was rude and they had run out of almost everything we wanted to order!! Alma called Gaucho, just to make sure they had a table for us, and we left Ping Pong to have a much dearer but much more pleasant dinner at Gaucho. Don't ever go to Ping Pong in Hampstead as it was awful service!!
This is what I wore anyway ;-)
Dress: vintage from Beyond Retro in Stockholm, necklace: Disney Couture from Asos, shoes: Topshop
So much better than Ping Pong, excellent service and fabulous food and wine :-) It all worked out in the end...
Earlier today we had lunch at
in Canary Wharf
I wore an outfit from Topshop
Hungry Husband :-)
I love Jamie's Italian as it is so relaxed and comfortable and the food is amazing!
Last but not least, I finally got the three new Chanel colours!
Looking forward to trying them all out properly :-) I have had a fabulous and eventful weekend and I hope you have as well! Going to go to bed now and I hope you all sleep very well tonight

Gaucho in Hampstead

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Good morning,
Last night we were out partying, celebrating my Stepbrother's birthday. Had dinner at Patara, a Thai fine dining on Greek Street, and then went on to The Edge on Soho street/Soho Square. Had far too much Prosecco but had a fabulous time, it was so much fun :-) Husband and I got home at a reasonable time, even managed to catch the tube home. My shoes looked amazing but killed my feet and I know it isn't very classy but outside the tube I had to take them off :-S Here are the pictures :-)
Lychee Martini tasted so good
The handsome birthday boy :-)
Laura, stepbrother's bestestest friend in the entire world :-)
My gorgeous Husband :-)
Tonight Husband and I are having dinner with the other P's in Hampstead :-) I get a chance to wear one of my 12 new dresses ;-)
Hope you have had a fantastic weekend, blog ya later

Patara and The Edge, ...

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apparently my next post is now, sitting in Costa at the airport waiting for my Husband ;-) the whole process of getting through passport controll and getting the bag was a lot quicker than he expected ;-) Xoxo

i was wrong

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I am sitting at the airport waiting for time to pass so I can be at home with my Husband. I feel the lack of sleep is catching up and I am dead tired! Got up early this morning to have coffee with a friend, finish packing and get to the bus to take me to the airport on time and I am now almost sleeping. I hope I can sleep a bit on the plane and be a little more awake and alert and not be a boring wife after a week away from Husband. Next time I blog will most probably be at home in London, tomorrow after my driving lesson. I don't know what we are having for dinner if we are going out or staying in but it doesn't really matter, I just want to be at home in my house and sleep in my bed :-D
I thought I'd upload some more pictures for you but I'll wait until tomorrow as I don't have much battery and my cable is packed away. Just wanted to let you know that I managed to pack all 11 new dresses as well as all of the old stuff I had with me. I feel my bag is like the bag Mary Poppins have ;-)
Have a good weekend and I'll see you when I see you

Lack of sleep...

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Good evening people,
How are we today? I have spent my day with my mum and my evening with my girls :-) So I am feeling good. I do really miss my Husband though so it feels good to go home tomorrow... This is what I did today
Coffee and cake at Le Cafe in StureGallerian
Sightseeing and looking for shops like Swarovski and Marc by Marc Jacobs :-) found them both
I bought something but won't show you until I get back home to London!
Hanging with Margareta, she is usually really warm in the winter but no love for me today :-(
ACNE window
My favourite cafe in Stockholm
Dinner at Fashion Cafe in Sundbyberg, very nice food and wine, might be our hang out place from now on :-)
Going to bed now, will show you more pictures at some other time...
Good night

Stockholm updated par...

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If you have kids and you are looking for original, hand made stuff for presents or for your own kids check this blog out where you can also order the items in the pictures
The site is run and the items are made by a woman called Stina and her friend. Stina used to live on this island I used to visit when I was younger (told you about this earlier). We had lunch today and I took some pictures as usual :-)
The baby stuff designer
the jewellery designer Check her link out as well
This is all the naughty stuff I have had since coming to Stockholm :-)
I think I have had about 3 visits to cafes and about hundred cups of coffees at my mums, my brothers and my dads :-) Do you think I can sleep tonight? I think not!! :-)

Check this out

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Please follow this link and click on Rösta (which means vote) http://www.viforaldrar.se/omslagstavling/alla-tavlingsbidrag/index.xml?view-id=40268 You will then vote for my niece to become the cover of ViFöräldrar magazine and the August issue :-)

Future cover girl :-)

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I have gone a little bit Vintage crazy and I have bought 11!!!! vintage dresses in two days :-) When I show them to you, you will understand why I just HAD to get them :-)
all these dresses are from Beyond Retro on Drottninggatan Also bought these two items from Topshop the other day
both bought in the sale
Here are some of my outfits I have been wearing the last week
Not my usual, well heeled self ;-) but it is very cold and ice everywhere so heels are not an option... Next post will be about all the coffees and cakes I have had and all the fabulous people I have met, but before that I'll promote a cute competition my sister in law Marie has entered Olivia in...
Have a fabulous evening...

Shopping and looks of...

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I am now at my mums and I still havent topped up my mobile internet so i cant upload any pictures. I had lunch with my mum at Coffeehouse by george in Alvik today and after lunch I walked my mum back to work and then I took the tube into town where I managed to go to Beyond Retro, try 15-20 dresses on and buy 4. Tomorrow I get paid and after lunch with my summer family, I am meeting my mum for a spot of shopping, going back to Beyond Retro, and some coffee. In the evening we are having dinner at my brother adn Marie, GI-lasagne made from aubergine instead of pasta, looking forward to trying that... I have three Swedish magazines to read and then Ill be going to sleep...
Hope you have a good nights sleep


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Yes that is what I look like first thing in the morning, what I like to call the ugly truth ;-) I have run out of my Elizabeth Arden face cream and it is £25 dearer here in Stockholm and I refuse to more than 50% more, so I might have to get a cheaper, Nivea or something, until I get back home. My skin is so dry though it is uncomfortable and I get little spots :-(
Today's plan is to brave the weather and go have lunch with my mum. I shall shower and get ready and then show you my outfit before I go. Last night was a little bit rough as Olivia was crying and then she woke up early and I couldn't sleep anymore, but that's what happens with babies ;-) Tomorrow I am having lunch with my summer family. I'm sure I have told you this before, but here we go again. When I was little my brother and I used to spend our summer with a family who lived on an island outside of Stockholm. It was paradise for us city kids as we got to run run around wild, with not a care in the world. This island was in fact a rehab home for alcoholics run by the Salvation army and my summer family lived and work on this island, so tomorrow I will have lunch with my summer mum and my two summer sisters and a friend of the younger sister. I think it is going to be lots of fun and I am very excited and after wards I will go shopping with my mamma as it is payday tomorrow ;-) I was going to go to Beyond Retro today and I might still after lunch. Tonight I am sleeping at my mums, so I have to pack a little and then spend a few hours with my brother and then go, busy, busy, busy!!
I ordered a few things on Asos yesterday, just a nail varnish and a Disney couture necklace and I thought I' show you what they look like
Mint candy apple by Essie
Tinkerbell necklace, cute huh? will look fabulous this spring ;-)
Shower time!!

Good morning...

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When I get back to London I think I will retire my winter coat and bring out my new spring coat I bought in Primark in the sale a while ago
What do you think? Is to time to retire winter and welcome spring? Tomorrow I am going to Beyond Retro on Drottninggatan to see if they have any dresses for me. I usually walk away with 4-5 dresses so I am feeling hopeful ;-) I have also ordered some stuff on Asos and imageinjewels today, I'll show them when I get back if they have been delivered...

From winter to spring...