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He came second in his class in the race today!!! Woohooo!!!!
and this is what he drives

Husband's race

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We stayed in a fabulous hotel called Puerta America. Each floor is designed by a different designer, which means each floor looks completely different from the next. The Hotel pictures are from the hotel's website: http://www.hoteles-silken.com/hotel-puerta-america-madrid/en/
This is what our floor looked liked, very dark and sexy :-)
Our room and bed
the bath room was very cool, but the tub took ages to fill up so I guess it was just for show ;-) I am tall and I could easily drown in it!! Was still nice to have a bath for a change and not a shower
It was chucking it down with reain when we arrived so we decided to explore the hotel and ended up on the top floor, 13, which had a outside walk way covered in glass, which had a cool look to it so had to pose for pictures. Alma is scared of heights so she stayed away :-)
We were also very hungry so we then has lunch in the downstairs hotel bar, I had two pizzas, that's how hungry I was
In the evening we met up with Mico and Bojan, who both live in Madrid, and went to dinner and then drinks at a really nice, trendy bar, which I can't remember the name of, Museo something
we didn't stay very long. I didn't feel well and was very tired after the flight.
The following morning, Husband and I had a sleep in and then breakfast at 10.30. Dado and Alma, who both had a cold, had plans to meet up with some other friends. Husband and I decided to explore Madrid on our own and buy the obligatory Starbucks coffee cup :-)
Saw some funky street art which haad to be photographed
Took the sightseeing bus, but since the weather was amazing, there were no seats upstairs. We tried to sit downstairs but it was boiling hot so only rode the bus for two stops and then got off at the Royal Palace. Where after about an hour we met up with the rest of the gang for lunch at a cafe.
after a walk around town, Husband and I got on the bus again and this time got a seat upstairs.
The city hall
The Bernabeu stadium, which is so big it is impossible to photograph in one piece!!
In the evening we had dinner with Mico and then we all ent back to rooftop terrass bar at our hotel where we had one drink and then it was bedtime.
Madrid is very nice but I prefer Barcelona. I think Barcelona has more character and personality and there is more to see in Barcelona. The hotel we stayed in is definitely worth staying at again, so if you are going to Madrid check the hotel out, you won't be dissapointed...
Back to reality and laundry. We are staying at home for a few days before we go to Devon on Thursday night for a weekend full of wedding celebrations.


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we are home from a lovely weekend in Madrid. i am so tired i will update the blog tomorrow with pictures...

at home

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I got up at around 9am, got dressed (outfit if the day is included in this post) and went to Boots on Oxford Street where I got these two, new Nail varnishes from the latest Chanel summer collection. The Mimosa (yellow) is very tricky to get even across the nail, so I did one coat then topped it up with topcoat and then did the second coat of the yellow and it looks alot better than when you do two coats straight after one another. The pink looks really cute, two coats and one coat of top coat. I use the Essie Good to go topcoat that dries in seconds.
Never mind the dry skin, I haven't moisturised yet :-)
The below colours are the winter colours that are out in August. I borrowed the picture from Victoria Beckhams Twitter tweet yesterday :-) I will buy all three colours as I think they look really cool and winter-y...
Today's look is relaxed and reflects the weather and my mood. I had a 2 hour driving lesson today so needed to be comfortable. Driving automatic is so much easier and I hope to pass in July, just need to build up my confidence on the road.
Jumper: Topshop (old), top: Primark, leggings: Uniqlo, ballerinas: French Sole, bag: Chanel, watch: Links of London, bronze eyeshadow: Barry M from Boots.
Going to make late lunch/early dinner now. Husband is playing tennis with Mr. P tonight after work and early, early in the morning we fly off to Madrid for the weekend  with Mr and Mrs. P :-)

New Chanel nail varni...

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We are back from Paris!
The hotel we stayed in was the same I stayed in a few years ago when I went to Paris with a girlfriend of mine. It is a small boutique hotel called Sublim Eiffel on Boulevard Garibaldi on the 15th arrondissement, 15 minutes walk to the Eiffel Tower
After a little nap we went outside in the sun to explore what Paris had to offer and to prove Husband wrong :-) For 11 years he has been saying that he doesn't want to go to Paris because people there are rude and it will only ruin our experience. So when I went with my friend I found out that people are just normal. Customer service is normal, no ass kissing that you get in England, just plain and simple normal behaviour and I had a fabulous time the first time I went there and we had an amazing time this time, so someone is going to have to eat his words :-D
We hopped on the tourist bus to save our poor legs and to catch the sights and some sun...
The Grand Palais and bits of the Alexander III bridge
Arc de Triomphe
Having a coffee in true Parisian style :-) we were too early for dinner, so had to drown the hunger in strong coffee
Dinner was definitely worth the wait. We went to a small family owned restaurant on Rue Desaix, close to the Eiffel Tower where the food and wine was amazing!
The street where our hotel is
Alexander III bridge from the boat we got on yesterday
Notre Dame
The boat ride takes about an hour and if the weather is nice it is definitely worth taking the trip.
After the boat ride and lunch we joined the small queue for the Notre Dame.
Where we paid €4 to light two candles for my grandfather and for Husbands dad, who both passed away in 2000, it is our little tradition. Whenever we are in a church, big or small, we light two candles.
A crazy taxi ride later and we had arrived in Montmarte and the gorgeous Sacre Coeur church
Where we found a square full of paintings and the artists that made them. Had two sips of a very bad and expensive coffee :-) and then it was time to find the Metro and go home to sleep a little before the big night's dinner at the Copenhague restaurant on Avenue de Champs Elysees.
The outfit for the evening: A vintage dress from Beyond Retro, shoes from New Look, bag by Chanel, earrings and ring by Topshop and brooch by Mikey. Dinner was good (very expensive) but Husband didn't like his steak as it was over cooked :-( After dinner we took a walk down Avenue George V to Crazy Horse and a cabaret show with lots of naked ladies :-)
Pictures from Craazy Horse are from their website http://www.lecrazyhorseparis.com

We got back to our hotel just before 1am and I was knackered! Had an amazing anniversary which was very busy :-)
This morning we had a sleep in, then breakfast and then back to the room to pack our bag. Still had 6 hours to kill so we decided to dump the bag in a locker at Gard du Nord station and then take the metro to Jardin de Luxembourg and have a little picnic on the grass, in the sun.
In a little corner shop we found exactly what we were looking for: Cherries, strawberries and Tropicanana orange juice
A little cosy-cosy in the sun for a few hours and then we took the train to Chatelet and a drink at Beirut Cafe and a stroll on Rue de Rivoli where we found Starbucks and I bought a mug, like I try to where ever I am and then it was time to head to Gard du Nord and catch our train back home to London.
Happy me! It really is the little things that make the world go round, at least mine :-)

8th wedding anniversa...

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is where we just checked in.  xoxo

Hotel Sublim Eiffel

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We are off to Paris this morning. Taking the Eurostar and hopefully I will have more luck this time than the Paris trip in April :-) The laptop is staying at home so tonnes of pictures and a long post when we come back...

To Paris we train it

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Pictures of the garde...

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The house, at least the first floor, is a building site today. Husband and his brother in law is laying new wooden floor on the landing and in the little room and they are making loads of noise and it is a mess!! But I bet it will look gorgeous when it is done :-) I know carpet here in England is very popular but it hides all the dirt and it makes the entire house very dusty so I am very happy it is finally going. The only two rooms where we are keeping the carpet is in our bedroom and in the walk in.

The next few weeks are very busy for us, until mid-July really, which is the next few months :-D We go to Paris on Monday to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary on the 24th. We are back Wednesday evening. On Friday we go to Madrid with The P's for the weekend and on the 2nd of June we go to Devon for a wedding. Also on the 25ht of June Husband and I go to Borås, Sweden to see my brother and his family. We are going to celebrate Olivia's first birthday and midsummer (I think). In July I go to Stockholm for a week and inbetween all this travelling we have concerts, birthdays and  doctors appointments to fit in to our very busy schedule :-) What are your plans for the summer?

building site

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Hello there stranger,
It's been quiet this week. I sent Tuesday and Wednesday at home doing nothing and yesterday I went to town and had a late lunch and a stroll around Marylebone Village with Leila from Swarovski. We had an expensive lunch at Nordic Bakery and then we explored Marylebone and I bought a bouquet of peonies for our livingroom.
Today's look: Dressby H&M, leggings by Uniqlo, shoes by Oasis (very old) and shades by Dior
Yesterdays look: Dress: H&M, belt by Louis Vuitton and shoes by Primark
I have just come back alive from a driving lesson. I havent had one since I can't even remember! I decided it is more important to get me on the road than what kind of car I can drive so I have switched to automatic and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier. Also helps if your instructor is an old Sikh guy in a turban with tonnes of patience :-) He says I am not a bad as I think and that I should pass my test quicker than I think :-D We shall see about that ;-) Going, in a few minutes, to have coffee with my stepbrother so see you later.

Today's outfit, oh, a...

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Both Saturday's and Sunday's shopping outfit looked like this. It was so comfortable that I couldn't be bothered to change and we were driving to Celtic Manor resort in Wales on Sunday morning and I needed to be comfy, its a 3 hour drive from our house...
Bought some accessories in Topshop in Oxford Circus, then went to Boots on Oxford Street and bought the foundation and nail varnish from Chanel.
Alos got three eyeshadows from Barry M, they were 3 for 2
After a break in Starbucks and a quick stop at Swarovski to say hello and to pick up my uniform I took the tube home for a coffee and some pampering ;-)
Saturday evening we were invited to Brian and Christine for dinner and Eurovision song contest watching and I decided to dress up in Vintage and Topshop
Bracelet is by Mikey (old)
After a few hours in Cardiff, as our Husbands were playing golf, shopping and bonding with Alma over Starbucks and shoes it was time to get tready for dinner at the Celtic Manor, where we were staying. Vintage dress again and Christian Louboutin heels
Monday morning was spent in bed until check out (boys palying golf until 1pm). It was time to get dressed and ready for the drive home. Another vintage find and flip flops from Primark. Alma and I spent the early afternoon down at the cafe/bar in Lobby waiting for our men ;-) Alma also had a massage at the spa when I was sleeping breakfast off.
Here comes the good stuff, the pictures of my Cardiff shopping ;-) a very cool looking lipgloss by Givenchy
but not at all as black as it looked, phew :-)
some fabulous heels from Kurt Geiger, they were in the sale
and some body oil for my poor dry skin
and finally this is what I look like this Tuesday morning when I have the house all to myself
I have just had breakfast, two very hard boiled eggs, a milky decaf latte and some juice. The plan today is to do some laundry and to go food shopping for tonights dinner.

It's a long one

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my latest purchase Wi...