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We only had hand luggage when we flew to Italy which was a great experince for me as I always overpack (I like to have my stuff with me, if you know what I mean?)
The fragrance of choice was Elizabeth Ardens Green Tea Honeysuckle. I used the original one when I first went to Croatia with Husbands family many many years ago and wanted to recreate that fragrance memory :-)
My last outfit was this jumper (New Look) and skirt (Primark) combination.
We are hoping to go back to Italy in September, just in time for my birthday :-D

One last post from Pu...

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On the Sunday we drove to Taranto, which is a beautiful but neglected town that is in some deserate need of a lick of paint and some love
We walked around this castel, now owned by the army and then around the town in search for a cafe. Found one, had a coffee and then drove back to the house for dinner and wine... We were quiet lucky with the weather, it only rained on the day we went to Taranto...

Puglia... part 6

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Again, I can't remember where this restaurant is, I'm rubbish with details like that. The service and the sea urchins weren't great anyway :-P Everthing else was great... Especially the pasta, orecchiette, and the company and the fish was sooo tasty!
The kids finished the trip off with ice cream. When in Italy...

Puglia... part 5

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The beach was spectacularly beautiful, but oh so cold! I didn't bring my coat, but got used to the wind after a while. I can picture myself walking there in the summer in my bathing suit and shades, gorgeous!
There is always time to practice your golf swings :-)
Ater the beach we went to a restaurant for lunch an a different view. Next time

Puglia... part 4

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Shirt: Zara
Top: Primark
Jeans: Next
Trainers: Gola x Liberty
Necklace: Stardust Design
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrongs: Tiffany&Co
Belt: Louis Vuitton


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An evening walk to look at the flowers :-) I took my A and my niece for an evening walk to check out the flowers. Thats the beautiful thing about having girls around you, the love for picking and smelling flowers...
Lilacs are, together with lilies and roses, my favourite flower as they smell so good!

Puglia... part 3

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Jumper, leggings and ballerinas: Next
Blazer: New Look
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Tiffany&Co

C'est La VIe

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Road trip!! Time to explore the area and to find hidden treasures :-)
I can't remember where we stopped for a coffee and Icecream but we ended up in Cisternino with a cafe with the most beautiful view!
Husband and I actually came to Cisternino and this cafe a few years ago and whilst we were driving around I kept thinking about this cafe. I remembered that it had a beautiful view and no one spoke english. Without Sister in law knowing this they took us here and I told them the story, such a happy coincidence...

Puglia... part 2

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At Christmas we were lucky enough to receive the best present ever: a trip to Italy to Sister in laws house. The flight took 2 hours and 40 minutes, collecting the rental car took about the same. I took to social media and A fell asleep.
The trip is supposed to take four hours door to door and it took us 13, via a trip to Ikea. By the time we reached the house we were hungry for food and thirsty for Italian wine ;-)
Log fire and take away Italian pizza and bed time...
In the morning we had breakfast outside and then went for a peek around the land and all the trees and flowers
A fig tree
Lizzie the Lizard
Almond tree
A lone lily
Cherry blossom
A bouquet of wild flowers
Didn't take many outfit pictures, not that kind of holiday. In this rare one, I'm wearing Jumper by Primark, Next jeans and shoes and Dior shades.

Puglia... part 1

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My friend Stina in Stockholm makes jewellery in her spare time and when I saw these guardian angels I just had to put in an order for Astrid and I. They are hand made and I think, look really good and unusual.
I also got this namenecklace. Astrid already has one, which Stina forgot, but I have been wanting to wear my daughters name in a necklace for quiet some time and I love how cute, gorgeous and simple this one is.
Have a look at her Facebook page: Stardust Design

Guardian angels

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On the Sunday, I wore this H&M dress, we had breakfast at the brick Lane street food market before having a rubbish cup of coffee at Fika. Went for a stroll back to the car and then drove to Selfridges where we bought Nespresso coffee for our machine at home and.....
This gorgeous thing! Not the Chanel suit, I wish!!! Keep scrolling down to see the latest addition to my handbag collection
A belated Mothers day present...

Date weekend- The Sun...

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In between coming back from Sweden and going to Italy, Husband and I had a date weekend planned. On the Saturday we went to Tate Modern, but before entering The Tate building we walked across the Millenium Bridge and sealed our love with a padlock and threw the key in the The Thames.
At Tate we looked at a few Picasso paintings and alot more art that we didn't get :-D Then we walked to Pizza Express for dinner.
Salvador Dali below ;-)
Cute Husband :-D
After dinner, we took a cab to St Katherines Dock and Dickens Inn pub for a few drinks with my stepbrother and his man, which was totally spontaneous!
Posing by Tower Bridge followed by a tube ride home.
It was a perfect date, that continued on the Sunday, which is to be told in a different post.

Date weekend- The Sat...