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On Tuesday we swapped the hood for the almost total opposite. We stayed with friends at Smedslätten in Bromma for two nights and three days.

We took the boat from Stadshuskajen to Drottningholm palace where as soon as we docked the sky opened and we got soaked to our underwear!
The second day we went to Skansen and stayed there for the whole day before heading to Kungsträdgården and TGI Fridays for dinner and the tube home.
The third day we just stayed in the area and went for a hike in the forest and checked out the women only bath place and beach before we headed back to Tensta.


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Today's outfit;
Dress: Asos
Sandals: Primark
Shades: Ray Ban
Handbag: Givenchy

Today has been yet another day filled with tons of beautiful memories.
It was the last day with my brother and his family before they drive back home.
We went to the Vasa museum and the aquarium. We also took the ferry to the old town where we walked around, had ice cream and stopped by for a fika at Chokladkoppen, my favourite cafe which is always full!


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Today it was time to leave my dad and his wife's house to go back to good and stay at my mums for a couple of nights. But before we left the girls wanted to pick some flowers so my sister in law and I took them for a walk.

We then got in the car and drove to my mums allotment for a few more hours in the sun.

I'm am now in bed and I'm going to sleep for a good few hours as we are all tired but very happy!
Tomorrow another day of adventure awaits us!


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On the Saturday my dad had to work a bit and we decided to use the pool again, or the chicks did.
Once we were done with the pool we drove to Uppsala and Pelle Svanslös playgrounds here the girls to play a bit and then it was lunch time so we bought a hot dog after we had had some fika.

As you can see we made the most of that day!
It's been a lovely few days at my dads and we have been so lucky with the weather!


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I read about this place on Facebook and as its not that far away from my dads he agreed to drive us there.
We had a few things to do before we could go there though.
My niece got stung by a wasp the day before and had an allergic reaction. After consulting with a chemist we took her to the nearest doctor and got a prescription for antihistamine and a hydrocortisone cream. She is much better now 😊

In the afternoon my brother, his girlfriend and my cousin all arrived for some more hanging by the pool.
A proper family holiday 😍


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Last Thursday my dad picked us up and on our way to his we stopped by for lunch, an icecream and a walk in a small town called Sigtuna.

When we got to my dads we jumped into the pool as the weather was fantastic and car was too hot and sweaty!

In the afternoon we all put on our walking shoes and went for a walk in the forest to look for blueberries for dessert.

After dinner is was bedtime and the girls and I slept in my dads caravan, which is a first for me as I have never slept in a caravan before.


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This will be a post full of ohotos as my mum and I took the girls to Skansen and Junibacken.


Skansen and Junibacke...

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A few photos from the first couple of days that the chicks and I spent in Stockholm at my mums.

The second day we walked to Spånga and Erikshjälpen where I got a couple of dresses and my mum got a few vases for her balcony.
After the shopping we took the girls to the local cafe for a well deserved fika.

A lovely first day...


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Today Husband is going back to London. But before he drove off to the airport we drove to Vänga Mosse for a walk.

We got caught out in the rain with no cover so we all got soaked but we kept on smiling anyway and the sun eventually came out and we had a picnic by a small lake.

Nature walk

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Yesterday we Liseberg in Gothenburg with my sister in law and her family.

It was a great family day out!


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We just got home from the best adventure in a long time. We drive for 2 1/2 hours one way to go to Astrid Lindgrens World. It's a big park where you get to see the houses of some of the books she wrote. Like Pippis house Villa Villekulla, Emils farm Katthult and Ronja fort in the forest.
They also do a few shows and have actors dresses in character walk around. There are also a few playgrounds and shops and restaurants.

We stayed for 5 hours and then decided to drive the 2 1/2 hours back home again. They also do camping and you can rent cottages.
It really is a lovely place, especially for the kids!

Astrid Lindgrens Värl...

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Today we drove to Alingsås for lunch, fika and a peek in a vintage shop.

Alingsås is a very cute town with lots of cafés and wooden house. The vintage shop we went to is called Vintage Corner and is on Färgaregatan 6. We also went to a bakery/cafe on Drottninggatan called Gustav Ekstedts Bageri och Kafe which has outdoors seating in the back.