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Its that time of year again, its less than a month until my birthday and I have as usual compiled a list of things I wish for :-D
Belt bag by Gucci (keep dreaming I know)
Another belt bag, this time by Michael Kors
And the rest are fragrances as you can see.
All photos have been borrowed from Google.

Birthday wish list

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The Diva and I are having fika in our livingroom.

Informative I know! 😁

Right now

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We are now back to reality! Summer hasn't left London yet and The Diva starts school in the middle of September so we have lots of time together.
Yesterday, after buying ingredients for dinner, we drive to ChinChins Coffeehouse in Bexleyheath and stayed for 4 hours!

I wore:
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Marks and Spencer's
Handbag: Furla
Shoes: Next
Shades: £3 in a shop in Margate

When we came home A decided to do some art before bed.


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Yesterday we drove to Margate f a family day on the beach. We did get stuck in traffic both going there and going home so it did take a bit longer than the 90 minutes is usually take us, but we had an amazing day and all three of us slept really well last night 😁



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Our last day in Stockholm was spent in Drottningholm.
We had a picnic, went for a loooong walk, had a look beside Kina Slott, had a Fika and had dinner on a boat which took us back to Central Stockholm.



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When we were in Stckholm we were supposed to have a date in the evening one of the days, but we then had to attend a funeral and so decided to have the date during the day.
The Diva helped mormor at work for a few hours whilst Husband and I explored Stckholm and got some quality time together.

We finished our date by going to a department store to buy The Diva a present 😍

Date day in Stockholm

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On Saturday I met up with my cousin to watch a bit of the Stockholm Pride Parade. I went last year and I really enjoyed watching all those happy and colourful people having so much fun!

Top: Vintage
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Office
Bag: Furla
Shades: Ray Ban

I also went back to Beyond Retro as I saw a dress in a magazine by Guccu that I wanted to try to find something similar but not as expensive. I did find a great dress and I also got an army jacket for when Autumn comes.
As the rain the was pouring it down I took shelter in a nearby cafe and then went back to my mums.

Stockholm Pride Parad...

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On Tuesday we swapped the hood for the almost total opposite. We stayed with friends at Smedslätten in Bromma for two nights and three days.

We took the boat from Stadshuskajen to Drottningholm palace where as soon as we docked the sky opened and we got soaked to our underwear!
The second day we went to Skansen and stayed there for the whole day before heading to Kungsträdgården and TGI Fridays for dinner and the tube home.
The third day we just stayed in the area and went for a hike in the forest and checked out the women only bath place and beach before we headed back to Tensta.


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Today's outfit;
Dress: Asos
Sandals: Primark
Shades: Ray Ban
Handbag: Givenchy

Today has been yet another day filled with tons of beautiful memories.
It was the last day with my brother and his family before they drive back home.
We went to the Vasa museum and the aquarium. We also took the ferry to the old town where we walked around, had ice cream and stopped by for a fika at Chokladkoppen, my favourite cafe which is always full!


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Today it was time to leave my dad and his wife's house to go back to good and stay at my mums for a couple of nights. But before we left the girls wanted to pick some flowers so my sister in law and I took them for a walk.

We then got in the car and drove to my mums allotment for a few more hours in the sun.

I'm am now in bed and I'm going to sleep for a good few hours as we are all tired but very happy!
Tomorrow another day of adventure awaits us!


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On the Saturday my dad had to work a bit and we decided to use the pool again, or the chicks did.
Once we were done with the pool we drove to Uppsala and Pelle Svanslös playgrounds here the girls to play a bit and then it was lunch time so we bought a hot dog after we had had some fika.

As you can see we made the most of that day!
It's been a lovely few days at my dads and we have been so lucky with the weather!


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I read about this place on Facebook and as its not that far away from my dads he agreed to drive us there.
We had a few things to do before we could go there though.
My niece got stung by a wasp the day before and had an allergic reaction. After consulting with a chemist we took her to the nearest doctor and got a prescription for antihistamine and a hydrocortisone cream. She is much better now 😊

In the afternoon my brother, his girlfriend and my cousin all arrived for some more hanging by the pool.
A proper family holiday 😍