my new jacket

Here is a picture of the new jacket my mum bought me today :-D it's £25 in Primark ;-) I think you can never be too d for your mum to buy you clothes :-D at least being 32 years old I get to pick them myself hahahaha Ill show you a beyyer picture tomorrow or on Monday. Tomorrow is build a kitchen day all day!! Hope you all sleep very well and I'll see you tomorrow, will then also try to take some pictures of the kitchen building process Good night people Xoxo Ps, welcome home Vesa, Andrew and Laura


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I love Primark! Isnt it amazing that they have such great clothes at that price?

BTW I love the that your bedroom? I need to change the color of my walking closet soon and I am looking for a nice paper to cover the walls. That one would fit perfectly! :)

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