random stuff

yesterday i went to St Pauls to see my friend and former manager Dee in Links of London. it was nice seeing her as it doesnt happen very often :-( i was good I brought her a grande caramel machiato from Starbucks... after the coffee i went for a short walk around the city, took some pictures of St Pauls and then off to tesco to buy catfood, poor dodger was left hungry all day!! such bad parents!!!
in the evening i went to cafe rouge with christine for a gossip session and to discuss the new man over a bottle of red wine, had a nice, cosy time :-)
today me and shirin went to the jobcentre in stepney for shirin to apply for her national insurance number, will take up to 8 weeks to process. then i went to the gym for hour and 15 minutes of walking, weights, swimming and then off to the steamroom for a while, very nice. will go back tomorrow :-)
will see if have anything to blogg about tomorrow

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