Leather shorts

I got the shorts. If I am brave enough I will wear them tomorrow night when I go out with Shirin to celebrate my step brother's man's birthday. Also got, as you can clearly see, the Vendetta from Chanel. Now I have to live on pasta for the rest of the month, pasta and no sauce!!! But i will look good ;-)
Am off to bed but will leave you with a picture from earlier today in Starbucks!!
And two adds I found in some magazines I bought today
First one is Prada and I am loving the blue dress and the way it looks on the model Angela Lindvall
And the second is from Burberry, who I normally don't like, but I love this aviator jacket and want one, doesn't have to be Burberry though ;-)
Hope you have a good night and I hope Dodger doesn't bring any funny things home tonight :-s


1 Not A Paper Cup:


those leather shorts are awesome !:)

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