Today's look

Hey hey,
How are we all today? I'm feeling a bit tired but it must be the weather as I slept fairly well last night. Dodger kept me company all night :-) Miss Husband loads though!!!
Am off to Canary Wharf to buy tights for tonight and then a few hours in Starbucks to read the magazines I bought yesterday but had no time to read
Today's look is a reflection on the weather, a bit dark.
Dress from Primark was bought two years ago and I wore on the Sex and the City bus tour in New York and can't remember if I have wore it since. Belt is from Primark as well. Clutch is from Prada and the shoes and the ring are both from Topshop. That's the ring I was talking about yesterday, a bargain price of £10. Did my nail this morning, added the Alice in Wonderland colour of blue from O.P.I on my toes, also for tonight's birthday celebrations with the boys :-)
Now the sun has come out I better leave so I don't get rained on. What do you think of the outfit and the ring?
Have a great day


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Oh, we love the ring and the shorts!


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