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Christmas last year was all about me and my extravagant presents. There was no Astrid and no babies to think of. This year is completely different, no overpriced shoes under the tree, there is nothing I want this year. I am happier than I have ever been, very content and that is why I think I'll be fine not shopping for 6 months. I only buy things for the sake of shopping, like a hoarder, I buy things and don't have the time to wear it. Now I appreciate time with my Husband and baby and going for a walk. So instead of going to Stratford Westfield, I will go to Epping Forrest for a walk in the nature. I don't think I have changed much since giving birth to Astrid, I have evolved, become more sensitive and more protective. This is not to say I won't drool over a fabulous pair of heels or a gorgeous looking dress when Vogue arrives in the post :-)
Last year Husband, who hates shopping, went to Selfridges and got me a pair of Christian Louboutin heels and Tiffany earrings and the books I got has made just as happy. I thought when Ididn't have the Louboutins, that having them would make me overcome with joy and they did for a second or two. Sitting looking at Astrid makes me very content and happier than putting the Louboutins on. Isn't it funny how we expect materialistic thing to make us happy and its the simple, back to basic thing that really does it :-)
Hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas with lots of presents (cos they still give us joy) love and food...


1 Sophie:


Hihi, vet precis vad du menar! Skulle heller inte säga att jag har förändrats sedan jag fick barn, jag har bara ett nytt sätt att se och uppskatta saker på. Nu mera köper jag heller den där tekniska sportjackan som både klarar regn och vind, framför den där snygga skinnjackan, trots att jag uppskattar det underbara skinnet och fina designen. Men när ska jag ha den? Nä, här är det långa promenader i skogen och krypande på golvet som gäller:)

Kram Sophie

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