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If you have kids and you are looking for original, hand made stuff for presents or for your own kids check this blog out where you can also order the items in the pictures
The site is run and the items are made by a woman called Stina and her friend. Stina used to live on this island I used to visit when I was younger (told you about this earlier). We had lunch today and I took some pictures as usual :-)
The baby stuff designer
the jewellery designer Check her link out as well
This is all the naughty stuff I have had since coming to Stockholm :-)
I think I have had about 3 visits to cafes and about hundred cups of coffees at my mums, my brothers and my dads :-) Do you think I can sleep tonight? I think not!! :-)


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Naughty girl!!



Vilka fina bilder! Ska kika in sidan, har inte egna barn men min syster har två och många vänner har också:)


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