Just ordered

6 DVD's :-) Husband goes away on the 16th for a whole week and I have ordered some movies to keep me company. They are all pretty old and some are favourites from when I was younger and some I just haven't seen.
I loved this movie when I was growning up, I wanted to be Mary Stuart Masterson as I would then get to kiss Eric Stoltz :-)
And in this one I wanted to be Sarah Jessica Parker. I have had a healthy obsession with her for a long time :-)
I've never seen the Mannequin but as it made Kim Cattrall famous I think it is a must see movie when Husband is away.
And there is never a better time for costume dramas and fashion movies than when I have the house to myself and sure Shirin will join me for a few of these movie nights :-) All six DVD's came to under £20 on Amazon...

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