New watch

I got home from work about an hour ago and have been pigging out ever since! Was supposed to do laundry and tidy the house a little but now I am so tired I think I mght have a nap. When I got home this vintage looking Casio watch was waiting for me
I really like it! Tonight we are going out to dinner with Lana and Pedja and I will show you the outfit later. For now this is what I look like as I am drinking my camomille tea
New metallic red nail varnish from O.P.I (bad picture)
To continue the pigging out there is a whole plate of baklava waiting fir me but I might have to leave it for after my nap. On Saturday, I booked the hotel for Paris in May, tickets to Sweden for my niece's 1st birthday party in June and a weeks holiday for me in Stockholm in July. We are also planning to go to Italy in August. THis summer is turning out to be superbusy! Going to sleep now before I fall alseep blogging.

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