building site

The house, at least the first floor, is a building site today. Husband and his brother in law is laying new wooden floor on the landing and in the little room and they are making loads of noise and it is a mess!! But I bet it will look gorgeous when it is done :-) I know carpet here in England is very popular but it hides all the dirt and it makes the entire house very dusty so I am very happy it is finally going. The only two rooms where we are keeping the carpet is in our bedroom and in the walk in.

The next few weeks are very busy for us, until mid-July really, which is the next few months :-D We go to Paris on Monday to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary on the 24th. We are back Wednesday evening. On Friday we go to Madrid with The P's for the weekend and on the 2nd of June we go to Devon for a wedding. Also on the 25ht of June Husband and I go to Borås, Sweden to see my brother and his family. We are going to celebrate Olivia's first birthday and midsummer (I think). In July I go to Stockholm for a week and inbetween all this travelling we have concerts, birthdays and  doctors appointments to fit in to our very busy schedule :-) What are your plans for the summer?

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