Two outfits

It is 11 years to the day today that I moved to London and changed my life forever and for the better :-) Moved in with The Man straight away, why waste time, right? :-)
Yesterday, we had a date in the evening. We were both really tired but since there were no food at home we had to go out and in the end had a good time :-) We went to our local Italian restaurant called L'Infinito in Wanstead, on the high street.
Dress: Vintage by Beyond Retro (not maternity), earrings: Vintage, belt: Primark, heels: New Look
This is what I am wearing today:
Sequin jumper: Topshop (bought last season in Stockholm in the sale), skirt: H&M
The plan for today is to stay at home, be lazy and watch Formula 1 :-) Have to do some laundry and sort out the walk-in as we have a new chest of drawers that needs to go in there...
When I was helping out with the kids last week, my brother in law gave me a New Look giftcard as a thank you so next week I am going shopping again. I also got a gift card from Marc Jacobs from Shirin. Don't you just love free shopping?!? :-) These are the things I have been looking at at New Look
What do you think? Cute huh?
Hope you all have a good Sunday...


1 erika:


OOOhh you are soo beautiful..nice outfit!



2 Marie McGrath:


You look beautiful in both outfits. I especially love how the first black dress fits you and how you added the pop of pink with the shoes!

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