After travelling back and forth to Kent this week I am now feeling very tired. I haven't slept well either, but I guess I better get used to it for when baby arrives :-) This morning I drove us to Wanstead, where Husband went to the barber for a haircut and I went to the postoffice to send our thank you cards. The postoffice also hold the Wanstead Chemist where I bought the stretchmark oil I use on my belly to fight off the stretchmarks that might come with the pregnancy. I got a clear lipgloss as well as the oil, both from Clarins. Which is turning out to be one of my favourite brands for skincare. When buying two items I got a make-up bag with some samples in it. Hand cream, mascara, showergel, cleanising gel and beauty flash balm. As well as the skincare I bought a new hairband. Well, not new, as I am just replacing the one I gave to Ingrid a few weeks ago. After the shopping I went to meet up with Husband at Starbucks and then I drove us to B&Q and then home. Tonight we might go out to dinner, depending on how I/we feel :-)

The P's gave me a giftcard for my birthday from Topshop and here is a close up of the shoes I bought (I know I showed you a picture before but this is one I took last night. Painted my nails yesterday, changed it to Graphite by Chanel, I need to repaint some nails as they got smudges when I straightened my hair
The four leaf clover is what Karen gave me for my birthday :-) and the rest of the jewellery are pictures of what I am wearing today as I haven't taken a Outfit of the day picture. They are all by Tiffany&Co or Links of London
Yesterdays outfit: Jumper and jeans: Primark, shirt: H&M, earrings: Topshop

And this is what I look like today. Feeling as tired as I look :-) Hopefully I'll be back to "norma"l tomorrow



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