Yesterday in pictures

Yesterday I went to Bond Street tube station to mee tup with Shirin and do some shopping. I have 29 days left officially of the pregnancy so I think it was one of the last trips into town for me. Just have to buy Husbands birthday present next week and meet Keris for a coffee today and then I will resort to Stratford or internet shopping :-)
We met up in Starbucks but didnt stay there, went to Marc by Marc Jacobs where I bought a keyring, necklace, bracelet and a t-shirt
As I got attitude from the sales advisor (I'm obviously not cool enough to shop there) I need a drink ad since it was hot outside Shirin got me a Iced Latte
Then off to New Look where I got two blouses and a hairband. Shirin got the coolest leather trousers!! Don't know if she will show them on her blog...
After New Look we went to John Lewis to close the baby gift list and buy the remaining items on the list and I also needed to go to the foodhall to buy dinner. I made Pyttipanna (fry up) with fried eggs and beetroot
Grazia was waiting for me when I got home so after dinner I had look through it whilst drinking my 
Coconut water
Just before bed I took pictures of my purchases, with my BlackBerry, as I couldn't be bothered to go down stairs for the G11 camera.
The very last thing I did was to paint my nails. This time I used Revlon. I used two different nailvarnished, one is matte an I can't remeber the name of it and the top coat is Facets of Fuchsia
Just had my breakfast, will rest a bit and then take pictures of today's outfit :-)

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