What I was like when I was a little girl

I was tall for my age, had blonde hair and blue eyes (still have blue eyes) Always wanted to be next to my mum and her friends and listen to their gossip and girl talk.  I have always had a few close friends, never tonnes of people around me. When I look at this picture Astrid looks just like me, but with darker hair. At other times she looks just like her dad :-)
When Iwas 7 years old, I fell down a large slide at the school playground and had a very bad concussion, was unconscious for 24 hours and I don't remember much before the age of 7 or around it. There are loads of pictures at both my mum and at my dads house of me and my brother and I always like looking at them :-) The one above is of me and my paternal grandparents, I think I might be between 1-2 years old :-)
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