First weekend of Spring

On Saturday we went to see sister in laws new house, or mansion shall I call it. It is HUGE and gorgeous, had I don't know how many rooms, two walk in wardrobes and all the rooms have access to the garden which has a swimmingpool. I know where we will be hanging this summer as soon as the pool is ready and heated ;-)
Went on a tour of the gardens, found lots of frogs
and a rose bush
and a glider plane in the sky
My nephew and I played a game to see how fast I was with camera. He threw the bottle up in the air and I tried to take a picture of it. It took 6 attempts but I finally did it
The London skyline driving from sister i law's
Today, Sunday, has been spent in the garden. Eve, her husband and baby came over for the second barbeque of the weekend and later Seema and her baby came over for a coffee. It's been a perfect and relaxed weekend, just what I needed...
My hottie Husband ;-) aka bbq master ;-)

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