Shopping in Stockholm

I've been wanting to show you the shopping I did when I was in Stockholm last month, but trying to email 14-15 pictures from my phone to myself apparently isn't the smartest or the fastest way to do it. I accidentally found a way to transfer the pictures from the phone to my Picasa when I changered my phone with the cable. I'm not the most internet/IT clever girl here, but I get by :-P
Anyway, here are the much talked about photographs (unfocused and all)
I bought everything form Beyond Retro except for the shoes...
      These heels are by Ida Sjöstedt fro Nelly
And these, by Gucci, I bought at the Salvation Army's charity shop called Myrorna (The ants in Swedish) cost me £25 which I thought was a very good find :-)
When I am in /Stockholm, I very rarely go shopping in the regular high street stores. I like to go to all the Beyond Retros as I always find at least 5 dresses that fit me perfectly. Next time, when I stay a bit longer, I will go to as many Myrorna as I can find as I love the idea of just walking around, searching for things and maybe finding something that I might love. Not everyones cup of tea, but definitely mine.

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