A day in my neighbourhood

This year I have decided will be a good year. For our family and our friends. It will also be the year that I stop being lazy and do the things I want to do and see the people I want to see. More fun, less alcohol, less spending and more friends and family time.
I decided to leave the car at home when Astrid and I had a coffee date with Seema and S at Lily's Indulgence in South Woodford. Astrid and I had a cupcake and a macaron
before we went back on the tube to go to Wanstead. We got off at Snaresbrook and walked up the high street, where I also took a few photographs.
We also went to the park for some fun on the swings before taking the tube home. We were outside for 6 hours in total. It involved a lot of carrying the pushchair up and down lots of stairs but I felt good when we got home, like I had done something good for me and for Astrid.
Its not easy travelling on the underground here in London as it is not pushchair friendly with all its stairs. I have stopped expecting help from my fellow passengers and so our outings are alot more pleasant when I only have myself to rely on. 
The only other place I have travelled with a pushchair alone with Astrid is in Stockholm and the tube there has stairs and lifts at every station and the buses are free of charge for buggy travellers. Silly to compare really :-D

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