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After the gym this morning, I went to Westfield's for a few hours of reading, coffee drinking, shopping and lunch.
I haven't been too organised lately and forgot to buy a birthday present to my godson Jayden (shock!!! Horror!!). I have now ordered him a pair of StarWars Vans.
Also had to buy a few more presents for other people. The other thing I got today were a pair of pink Converse for me and a matching pair for my baby girl A.
We used to wear matching Converse when she was a baby. But I washed mine and they lost colour and started to squeek! Back to matching I say! :-)
As you can see Astrid is already wearing hers even though we are at home and not leaving the house again today. At least she isn't :-p 
I have a date with Shirin in just over an hour. Just waiting for Husband to come home...
Have a lovely evening...

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