Pete's homework

A few weeks ago I took the train from Paddington to Bedwyn to meet up with Pete, a professional photographer, who has offered to help me with my photography. I had a few hours camera training and Pete changed the settings on my camera to the settings he thinks I should use and I wasn't allowed to change them. Even if the photos I took turned out to be over or underexposed and even though the training isn't finished yet, here is some of the results
A enjoying an icecream cone at home
A cool looking building in Hackney, East London
Peppa Pig at Hackney Empire
Fun balloons after the show
Violet cafe on Wilton Way
Coffee in the garden at home
Tons of frog spawn from the pond in our garden
Enjoying the first day in the garden
Dodger the cat
We walked to a lovely park and stopped by a fruit stand to buy some strawberries
A the flowergirl
Hopefully from now on my photographs will improve and my business might pick up as well ;-)

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