We have a new favourite place that we like to drive to when we need a beach or to hear the sea or just a change of scenery and this place is called Margate. This year alone we have been there three times. The night between Sunday and Monday was the first time we actually stay overnight.
We are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary soon and Husband was originally going to be away. I booked one night away as his anniversary present as I know he loves the beach and has had a busy few mo tha at work and needed to get away for a bit.
We stayed at Sands Hotel and had a room with ocean view. It's a gorgeous hotel at a fantastic location and a beautiful restaurant where we had both dinner in Sunday evening and breakfast on Monday morning.
Here are a few more photos taken with my phone. I did bring my G16 but I haven't downloaded them yet.

After Margate we drive back home, extended our holiday by having lunch at Luppolo in Wanstead. The Diva then had two dance classes in the afternoon and Husband went back home to catch up on a bit of work and Formula1.


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