Photo day with Chaotic House

Thursday last week I had a photo day with Gemma from Photography by Chaotic House and this is the result (be warned, there are a lot of photos in this post):
We took a few pictures by a wall next to my house and then I changed at home and then we were off to Brick Lane, East London where I changed into a third outfit. I originally had five outifts but the idea of carrying the clothes around on the tube and then changing on the street didn't really appeal. Luckily we didn't have enough time for five outfits anyway as the sun was setting, the good light disappearing and I had to pick A up from nursery. I brought my camera (these outfit pictures are taken with my camera) and took a few streetart photos which I'll add to another post :-D
This was just a great experiment. Gemma is a photographer looking for her thing and we just added a category to her portfolio. She was one of the photographers at our anniversary-party last year, have look here and like her Facebook-page here

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